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About FT

FT is a generic, native graph management system for GNUstep and Cocoa and is written in Objective-C. With FT you can persistently manage graphs consisting of nodes and edges. Each node may provide so-called services. Such a service may be e.g. a dictionary services, which all nodes provide at present. This service allows the storage of any data in a node and is based on keys which uniquely identify content within a dictionary.

On this page you will find technical information regarding the software around FT. This software is based on three frameworks, namely Encore, BDB and FT. Encore forms the basis and offers as such utility functionalities like e.g. logging and XML reflection et cetera. BDB is a framework which wraps the functionality of the Berkeley Database for Objective-C and is based on Encore. FT is based on Encore and BDB and offers a generic, native graph management system. An introduction document is shipped with the release explaining the principles.

An architectural overview is given with the following figure:

Architectural Overview

It is possible to use only BDB or Encore in a project. The following links go into more details regarding these frameworks:

The project is hosted on SourceForge.net Logo